Boot Sole Length: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Find It

You’ve probably heard the term “boot sole length” before if you’re a skier. But what exactly does it mean? In this article, we’ll define the length of the boot sole, explain why it’s significant, and show you how to calculate your BSL.

What is the length of a boot’s sole?

Boot sole length (BSL) is the measurement of the length of the sole of your ski boot in millimeters. It is the distance between the tip of the toe and the back of the heel. The BSL is embossed into your boot’s plastic shell, so the number matches the color of the material but stands out like braille.

How to measure BSL?

You’ll need a ruler or tape measure to determine the length of your boot sole. Place your boot on a flat surface, toe against a wall. In millimeters, measure from the wall to the rear of the heel. This is the length of your boot sole.

What is the significance of BSL?

what is boot sole lengthThe BSL is essential for attaching bindings on skis. Ski bindings are so accurate that it’s critical to mount them to the BSL rather than the mondo point size. Mondo point size is a basic boot sizing that every boot manufacturer utilizes. It’s similar to a shoe size, such as “size 11.” Even if two boots have the same mondo point size, the BSL can vary.

How to Find Your BSL ?

The ski boot size should be printed on the side of your ski boot. If you can’t find it there, you can measure it yourself by following the steps outlined above.

The length of the boot sole is an important measurement for everybody who skis. It is used to attach bindings to skis and prevents damage by ensuring that bindings release when necessary. You can lessen your risk of injury on the slopes by understanding what ski boot length is and how to measure it.

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