How to Choose the Best Upland Hunting Boots for Your Next Outing

best upland hunting boots

If you are a passionate upland hunter, you understand the importance of having the best upland hunting boots for your feet. Upland hunting involves walking long distances over rough terrain and chasing fast birds like pheasants, quail, grouse, and partridge. You need boots that are comfortable, durable, waterproof, and supportive for all-day use.   But how do you choose the right upland hunting footwear? There are many options with different features and prices. How do you know which ones are worth buying? In this post, we’ll give you tips for choosing the best upland hunting boots and recommend some top-rated options you can find online or in stores. By the end, you’ll know what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for upland hunting shoes.

The Importance of Choosing the Best Upland Hunting Boots

Upland hunting is a physically hard sport that frequently requires traversing rugged and difficult terrain. Your hunting boots are essential for offering support, comfort, and protection during your hunting trip. The improper boots can cause discomfort, blisters, and even injury, which no hunter wants.

What to Look for in the Best Field Hunting Boots

Here are some crucial considerations to consider when choosing the best upland hunting boots for your needs:
The boot’s material influences its weight, breathability, water resistance, and durability. Leather is the most common and favored material for upland bird boots because it is durable, waterproof, and molds to your feet over time. Leather, on the other hand, can be heavy, hot, and pricey. Although synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester, and rubber are lighter, less expensive, and more breathable, they may not be as durable, waterproof, or pleasant as leather. To attain a balance of performance and price, some boots blend leather and synthetic components.
The boot’s sole determines its traction, stability, and shock absorption. You want a sole that can grip well on various surfaces, such as rocks, grass, mud, and snow, and that can support your feet and ankles on uneven terrain. You also want a sole that can cushion your feet from the impact of walking and running. Rubber is the most common and versatile material for soles, as it is flexible, durable, and resistant to abrasion and punctures. Some soles have lugs, cleats, or studs to enhance grip and traction. Some soles have shanks, plates, or inserts to reinforce their arch support and stability.
The boot’s height influences its protection, warmth, and movement. You want a boot that will protect your ankles from twisting or spraining. In addition, you want a boot that will keep your feet and legs warm and dry in cold and wet weather. A boot that is excessively high or too tight, on the other hand, can impede your movement and produce blisters or chafing. The best height for upland hunting boots is between 8 and 10 inches, depending on your preference and the terrain and weather conditions you experience.
The boot’s fit is critical for your comfort and performance. You want a boot that fits snugly but not too tightly, that allows some room for your toes to wiggle, and that does not slip or rub on your heels or instep. You also want a boot that can accommodate your socks, insoles, or orthotics, if you use any. To find the best fit, you should measure your feet, try on different sizes and brands, and break in your boots before wearing them for long periods.

Upland Hunting Boots: Things Not to Wear

There are also certain things you should not choose when selecting upland hunting boots, like:
  • Cheap boots may fall apart, leak, or hurt your feet. Invest in high-quality boots that last longer, perform better, and protect your feet.
  • Shotgun hunting boots are different from other types of hunting boots. They are designed for walking and running over rough terrain. Look for lightweight, breathable boots with low-profile soles and moderate insulation.
  • Choose boots that suit your hunting style, location, and season. Consider the climate and terrain you’ll be hunting in. Opt for lighter, cooler boots for warm and dry climates and warmer, waterproof boots for cold and wet climates. Select boots that match your preferences and can adapt to changing situations.

The Best Upland Hunting Boots: Our Top Picks

Here are some of the top upland hunting boots for 2023 that you can purchase online or in stores, now that you know what to look for and what to avoid in these boots. Customers and experts alike have given these boots great comments, attesting to their dependability, comfort, and functionality for upland hunting. They are also widely accessible and fairly priced. But, since your experience may differ, you should always conduct your study and try on several pairs of boots before making a final choice.
Irish Setter Wingshooter 9″
best upland hunting bootsPopular and classic boots for upland hunting Made of waterproof leather and nylon. Tough, breathable, and waterproof. Rubber sole with good traction. 9-inch height for ankle support. EVA midsole for comfort. Ideal for moderate to cold climates and flat to hilly terrain Timeless look molds to feet. Available in men’s and women’s sizes.
Thorogood Flyway
Great option for upland hunting with a modern, sporty style. Made of leather and synthetic materials. Lighter, cooler, and more flexible than full-leather boots. Rubber sole with excellent grip. 10-inch height for leg protection and warmth. Removable dual-density footbed for cushioning and support. Ideal for warm to cool climates, flat to steep terrain Sleek and stylish look. Available in different colors and sizes.
Danner Sharptail
best upland hunting bootsFor upland hunting, these boots are a wise all-around option. They contain many attributes that make them ideal for the kinds of terrain and weather that upland hunters usually face, in addition to being waterproof, strong, and comfortable. With a Gore-Tex liner and a full-grain leather upper, these boots will keep your feet cozy and dry even in muddy or damp weather. Additionally, they feature a Vibram outsole that offers superior grip and traction on a range of surfaces.

Maintenance and Care

Upland hunting boots require regular upkeep and care to make sure they survive for many seasons. Check for damage, clean and condition the boots regularly, and fix any issues as soon as they arise.

Tips for a Successful Upland Hunting Experience

  • Make sure you thoroughly plan your hunting expedition, taking the weather and terrain into account.
  • To prevent pain on the hunt, break in your boots before the hunting season begins.
  • Purchase high-quality socks to go with your boots for increased protection and comfort.
  • Keep an extra set of laces and a waterproofing spray on hand in case of unforeseen problems.
  • Throughout your trip, remember to be careful and observe good hunting ethics.

End Note

For each hunter, choosing the best upland hunting boots is an essential choice. You can select the ideal pair to improve your hunting experience by taking affordability, comfort, and durability into account. You can successfully navigate any terrain and have a comfortable and successful upland hunting experience if you have the appropriate boots.


Most frequent questions and answers

Wear your boots for short periods of time at first to break them in, then progressively longer ones as they get more comfortable. To speed up the process, you can also apply a leather softener or utilize a boot stretcher.

In particular, when traversing muddy or damp terrain, waterproof boots are highly advised, as they keep your feet dry and comfy.

Although hiking boots are often appropriate for upland hunting, boots made specifically for this activity are made to handle its unique demands and provide superior durability, support, and insulation.

The amount of use and care that your boots receive will determine how long they last. With the right maintenance, a quality pair of upland hunting boots should last for multiple seasons.

To keep the leather supple, regularly wipe your boots down with a moist cloth, apply leather conditioner, and make sure they dry thoroughly after each use. To stop mold or mildew from growing, store them in a cool, dry environment.

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